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My name is Cindy Menzies and I am a parttime teacher in Kenaston School.  I am in the school Days 2, 4, and 6.  I have been teaching at Kenaston School since I interned here in 1998.  I have stayed because my husband Mike and I love the school, the community, and it is now home for my family.  I have 3 children, Eric (b. 2007), Brady (b. 2010), and Emily (b. 2013).  I have taught everything from Kindergarten, Elementary, to High School, and all have given me great experiences to grow as an educator.  I do some substitute teaching on the days I am not teaching, which allows me to spend time with more grades of kids.  That's the best! I love coaching volleyball, and being a Kodiak Sports fan!  I am on the best House Colour Team - YELLOW!  Currently I am teaching:
- Grade 7/8 Homeroom, ELA, Health, Social Studies, Science, and Arts. Ed, which I co-teach with Mrs. Lutz
- Health and Arts Ed 9
- Mental Wellness 30, which I co-teach with Mrs. Guilmette
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Grade 7 & 8 - Homeroom

Homeroom teacher message

Grade 7 & 8 - ELA

Grade 7/8 ELA is taught by Mrs. Menzies and Mrs. Lutz, with support from Ms. Waldner as well.  We teach our ELA on a personalized schedule.  The students each have their own playlist of work to follow, and receive the learning instruction that best suits their learning style.  If you want to see an overview of how we instruct our ELA, samples of I Do, We Do, and You do playlists and a timeline click this button

Grade 7 & 8 - Project Time

Grade 7/8 curricular subjects: Science, Social Studies, Health and Arts. Ed are taught as Projects.  We combine outcomes across the subjects that makes sense together and the kids are led through a personalized learning journey that suits their learning styles, with options and choice of projects.  We also choose outcomes from ELA in the areas of listening, speaking, representing and viewing, as they apply so well to the projects being created

Health/Arts Ed 9

Health and Arts Ed 9 are taught in a project-based learning format.  We combine the outcomes into topics that make sense.  Students can either learn the instruction on the content themselves, or it is taught to them through lessons and discussion.  The students then complete a project to show their learning.  We have taken a few Social Studies outcomes as well to complete some of our projects, which will be shared with Ms. Waldner for her marking.  For more information, click this link

Mental Wellness 30

Mentall Wellness 30 is a new DLC course that Mrs. Guilmette is now instructing to our students in Kenaston School.  I have the great privilege to get to join her and support her in the school.   

Extra Curricular

I am the JR Girls Volleyball coach.  Our season is now over, but it was fun!

Empathy and Kindness

Want to learn more about the message we share about Empathy and Kindness?  Check this out!

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