Our School

Welcome to our School

Kenaston School is one of the best places in the whole world. We have a really nice principal.Our 110 kids behave very well in our K-12 school. There are many of the kindest teachers and  the most helpful support staff. We also teach over 2500 courses to students in Saskatchewan, in Canada, and all over the world. Some of our teachers teach only Kenaston kids, some teach only in the Distance Learning Centre, and some teachers teach both. We are excited to get our new playground called the Great Escape and our new soccer field. Our wonderful School Community Council helped us raise money for it.  Sometimes our students go on trips to other countries with our Travel Club.Some of our classes, like us, have a class set of iPads.  We have lots of sports like volleyball, golf, badminton, basketball, track, soccer, and lots intramural sports. If you wonder why we are the best place it’s because our community is safe and caring and the people are friendly. Come visit us sometime and see for yourself!

-Written by Kenaston School Grade 3 and 4 Students